You are the Company You Keep

You are the company you keep. Truthfully.

And your company can be both good and bad. If you surround yourself with negativity you will be consumed by it, and before you realize it you may be producing and projecting an undesirable vibration. If you surround yourself with positivity, you will be uplifted and will find it's easier to keep your eyes toward the sky. I question the person who wants to be seen and viewed by others as progressive and encouraging and yet keeps close-minded people by his/her side. Your friends are extensions of who you are. Or at minimum, who you will be seen as. What do your friends indicate about you?

Each and every friend I have is authentic and a positive force in their own divine right. I share company with the intellectual, the educated, the gifted, the talented, the sincere, the hilarious, the witty, the respected, the passionate, the romantic, and the brave. I am the company I keep, and I am happy to be.

Challenge those around you that deserve better because they are better.