A Toast to New Beginnings


to the first day of the rest of your life, love. Welcome to the beginning of so many great things. Let me also welcome you to the end of what you are here to let go of, right? Because sometimes, we need permission to let go. To let go of the past, the old, and of what no longer serves us.

I trust that if you are here, you believe in the power of purpose, reflection, change, second-chances, new chapters, possibility and love.

And what do I mean by love? I mean love for oneself, love for your corner of the universe, love for all that has the potential to become. For the caterpillar that has made it’s cocoon; for the phoenix rising up from the ashes. I am here to tell you we all have the ability to become; that today is never too late.

It is with warmth in my heart that I welcome you to my new home, a place and space that is for you - in all of your glory & wonder! Across this platform, you will see the marriage of my passions -  consulting, coaching, creative projects, my lifestyle blog, and my podcasts.

Enjoy what’s here, visit us often, and write to me sincerely. Thank you for your continued support and being the source of my endless inspiration!

In need of a consultation? Coaching? An original program or workshop? Contact me here, and I will commit to creating a space for you to further develop and evolve. We are all on the journey to becoming our highest selves and each of us deserves a life fueled by self-love. Begin anywhere, and you will find the possibilities everywhere. A toast, to new beginnings!




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About Her

Camille Simone

Camille Simone


As a professional development consultant, I work alongside teams to coach them through periods of growth and development, especially in times of adversity.

As a program & special project designer, I step into communities and assess their needs. I return to them with original programming in the spaces of relationship building, personal development, and leadership training. As an artist, I use my voice to uplift and inspire.

Camille Simone


is a brand dedicated to personal + professional development. Our work will offer individual & team coaching to clients seeking to discover and/or refine their:

1 - emotional intelligence (EQ),

2 - relational communication skills,

3 - leadership potential, and

4 - creative passions.