Leaving Room for Possibility

A friend and I were discussing the beauty we have seen in our lives by simply being able to travel the world.  In my travels, I've been able to take back home so much with me because of the room I left for myself both literally and figuratively to store new things. When I was younger, my father had to consistently remind me not to overpack my suitcase before the start of any journey, as I would be leaving no room for anything new. As an adult, I came to realize why my father cautioned me.

On the surface-level, sure, no room for purchased treasures. but on a meta-level, no room for possibilities; to move through the world lightly while being able to carry my own weight. When we are journeying to places we've never been before - into a foreign country, a new relationship, or a new career, we are are only hurting ourselves by trying to drag along with us every single piece of history we can (i.e., clothes, past significant others, previous professional obstacles). By balling these things up and throwing them in our suitcases as we travel to that new 'place', we risk stunting our growth more than we realize. Surrounding yourself with all of the old leaves no room for anything new; anything imaginative. So leave a little space, my loves.

Leave room in your suitcase when packing and leave space in yourself while living.