Difficult Vs. Impossible

Understanding the difference between difficulty and impossibility is a lesson I am learning.

It's hard to save money while providing for myself; its difficult. But it's not impossible. It's difficult to be a successful actor in new york, but it's not impossible. It feels impossible to get yourself out of bed after breaking up with the person you've invested years into, but it's not. It's difficult. Keep honest people in your life close to you, because they will never lead you astray. They will tell you when you have gone too far. They will also hold you when you cry, smile at your laughter, and commit themselves to seeing you through.

Life is overflowing with obstacles. Sometimes, so much so that we wonder to ourselves, when will this pain be over? A bad day becomes a bad week, and then we look up and it's suddenly become a bad month. Invest more time in yourself. Learn to understand yourself so well that you can provide your own remedies. Keep faith in the things that motivate you and a strong belief in the things you are passionate about. 

And lastly, remember that you can cure fear with curiosity. Today's daily motivation: What is there for you to explore?

The journey awaits you.