On the Space Between

The Space Between.

When a lover leaves, the one left alone is destined to feel a wide array of emotions that we often witness as onlookers- loss, sorrow, heartbreak, and bewilderment. But in the space between all of those feelings, I believe there is often one feeling hiding in the shadows, that doesn't show up until we are at our weakest points; our lowest lows. Inadequacy. Feelings surrounding our own lacking. We wonder, what's wrong with me? What did I do? What am I not enough of? So much so that we may even fool ourselves into believing that what's left of us isn't a complete person. But that's just not true. What's left is a damaged person. What's left is a hurt person. But you're still whole, my love. You are still a soul, full of the light and the wonder of the universe.

You are still everything you were before the relationship ended. Someone needed to read these words today. You are still everything you were before the relationship ended. I know very well how the space between the end of the relationship and your new beginning can feel vast and moonless. Surround yourself with people in your life that make you feel rich, and activities that make you feel alive. Keep breathing. Learn about yourself. Take risks, and embrace opportunity.  

Let the space consume you. We get to be lost. Just allow yourself to be found.