On Evolved Purpose

Evolved purpose is about trading in desire for devotion, apathy for action, and possibility for promise. In june of 2015, I stepped away from a role that filled my spirit and a community that loves me fiercely, to explore and discover other parts of my professional potential. Then, in the fall of 2016, I found what I believed to be my life’s work; my purpose. I began to pour every moment, in fact, even the space in between moments, into the future I was creating. In june of 2017, during this very website design process, I received notice from my employer that I would be losing my position in three months. That the company, at large, would be going in a different direction and that all of us would be losing our jobs. And then it hit me - I had no exit strategy. I hadn't thought beyond this chapter. Me. Me that always has a plan. Me that has a back-up plan for my back-up plan.

When I returned from what felt like three days of fog, the people I love most, reminded that I am so much bigger than any one job; any single occupation; any solitary line item on my CV. They reminded me that if I didn't want life to happen to me, I had to be in action.

In the last month, I’ve learned that the discovery of your life’s work is not a stopping place, but a resting place. I was reminded that the journey always continues. And that right now, I have a choice. I can choose to wait and see what life offers me, or I can choose to construct my reality.

When you know you’re worth and you're aware of your truths, assessing your purpose in life becomes a natural practice. And when you come to a place of owning your purpose - purpose being, what you are here to accomplish during this life - your next step is to consider your evolution.

Choose to evolve, my love. or risk losing all you’ve created. Choose to construct your reality. Life is full of moments that you will not have an exit strategy for, so what will you do to be sure that your life is driven by a purposeful passion in this life? What's something about your life that could change today if you simply made a choice to evolve to your higher purpose?

a toast, to the evolution. a toast, to your evolved purpose.