On Mornings

Good morning, my love.

Nestle in. Let’s start today with a cup of realness. I speak for my generation (est. 1989) when I say, we are overworked and underpaid, overbooked, and under pressure. We are overdue and underwhelmed. We face real challenges. This we know. My question for you this morning is, what are you doing to stay resilient? Just barely making it to the weekend does nothing for your potential to start next week in a healthy way , because for many of us, Saturdays and Sundays are not days of rest, right? After all, they are full of more shifts, take-home work, studying, dates, networking opportunities and events. I want you to consider how important it is for you keep a clear mind and a clean body if you are to win. How can we do that? By being thoughtful about how we start our mornings. My grandfather started every morning with his paper and a glass of carrot juice. My father, with a good playlist while ironing his clothes. For my mother, it was talking to her children, and looking at our family calendar before the day began. For me, it's a little blogging, a morning smoothie, and texting a couple of my closest friends. 

Our mornings set the tone for our entire day. It's your job to begin the day how you'd like to finish it. I love a good snooze as much as the next person, but what could you be taking that extra 15 minutes to do? I've been using them for morning meditations. A gift to myself. I am honoring myself by starting my day how I'd like it to finish - in peace, in power, and in balance.