When You Know, You Know

 "And suddenly you just know it's time to start something new & trust the magic of new beginnings." —

Every year presents another chapter in the beautiful story of your life. Every moment acts as a vibrant thread in the tapestry of your journey. We know it’s a new day when the sun greets us again. We recognize a sunrise, and we understand what our relationship to it is. Would you recognize your relationship to a new beginning in the same way? An opportunity to start again; to go left instead of right; to make a different choice. When it’s time for something new, you’ll know. If your something new has made itself apparent to you, acknowledge it and make a decision that has the power to change your life. If you are not feeling the presence of your something new, surrender yourself to the universe and let it happen in time. After all, there is such great magic in new beginnings. 

But what of fear, you ask. Yes, fear. Let’s acknowledge that as well. But I encourage you to call fear by its name and then move beyond it, because you are absolutely capable of doing so. Because you will choose a dynamic and adventure-filled life over fear. Because you will not let fear control your narrative. You are everything you need to be to conquer this next moment in your life. You possess the skills, the knowledge, and the guts to get to the next step, if only you believe. Believe in yourself.

So many of us go in search for the next great thing that we want to build into our lives. What we often find is that the moment we surrender ourselves to the universe, all else comes into a sharper focus than ever before. And it feels like this - open road before us, sun peeking through the tallest and greenest trees, and there - just beyond the bend - is the hush of magic. 

When you know, you know. Trust the magic of new beginnings.