Where do I begin? How do I change my life?

Where do I begin? For each and every one of us, beginning the next chapter - the next day, the next month, the next year - can bring on feelings of anxiety. Not knowing where to start the work we have set out to do can come with a heavy weight. And it is our responsibility to figure out how on earth to get to the next place of rest. I've shared this concept in past episodes of our show, our podcast, 'Sundays with C.', begin anywhere, and you will find possibilities everywhere. Just start. Whether you start with a list, a journal, a stack of post-its, a conversation, a few goals. Just spring into action. The ball will begin to roll, and you will pick up momentum. Once you begin to move, paths will begin to present themselves to you. From there, I welcome you to seek consultation, resources, and a system of accountability.